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Chimerism Analyses

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Dr. med. Kaimo Hirv

Scientific Background

Chimerism analyses using microsatellites (MS) are used in transplantation medicines, among other areas. Approximately 4 weeks after a conventional stem cell transplantation (SCT) with myeloablative pre-treatment of the patient, mixed chimerism (MC) of donor and recipient cells occurs in the peripheral blood. The cells of the transplant recipient usually disappear from the peripheral blood after successful growth of the transplanted stem cells. A complete chimerism (CC) can be detected with MS analysis. A special procedure is the reduced intensity conditioning (RIC), whereby the patient’s immune system is not completely ablated. This leads to a mixed chimerism, persisting over a longer period of time after SCT. Furthermore, donor lymphocyte therapies have to be monitored carefully with MS analysis. In summary, MS analysis is suitable for stem cell therapy monitoring.