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Multiplex Aberration Screening in AML and ALL [C91.0, C92.0, C92.4, C92.5, C92.6, C92.8, C93.0, C94.0,C94.2]

OMIM numbers: 613065, 601626159555 (MLL fusion genes), 601402 (MLF1-NPM1), 151385 (RUNX1 fusion genes), 600618 (ETV6 fusion genes), 180240 (RARA fusion genes), 125264 (DEK-NUP214), 189980 (ABL1 fusion genes), 121360 (CBFB), 160745 (MYH11), 137070 (FUS-ERG), 147141 (TCF3 fusion genes), 181590 (STIL-TAL)

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Tanja Hinrichsen

Scientific Background

With the HemaVision® Multiplex RT-PCR System (DNA Technology A/S), 28 different translocations or chromosomal rearrangements as well as more than 80 breakpoints or mRNA splice variants, which are specific for certain subgroups of AML and ALL, can simultaneously be detected in a qualitative multiplex RT-PCR reaction.